Generator Hiring 15 K V A TO 1000 K V A Mobile D G Set with operators :

Generator Hiring 15 K V A TO 1000 K V A  Mobile D G Set with operators :



 Generators on Rent, Dg Set Hiring, Power rental hiring, Generator Sale and   Generator rental, Diesel Generators on hire basis, Deals in Diesel Generators hiring, D g Set in Bangalore India.

The generators that go on hire are very well serviced by experienced technicians for excellent performance. Diesel Generator rentals will be on daily, weekly or monthly basis based on requirement of our consumers. With the help of our experienced professionals, we supply an extensive range of D G Set Service, which includes Sales, repairing and servicing of the D G sets.


Diesel Readily Available Silent DG SetFor8 Hour, 12 Hour

     Monthly basis Mobile open set   


Rental Generator, 15 KVA To 20, 30, 35 KVA

  40 KVA
1 No

62.5 kVA
2 No 

82.5 KVA
2 No

100 KVA
2 No 

110 KVA
2 No 

2 No

2 No 

 2 No    

 200 KVA
 2 No

 2 No

250 KVA
2 No 

320 KVA
2 No

 2 No  

 2 No

  2 No

 3 No  

 2 No

 2 No

1000KVA 3 No s



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